The campaign “Deutschlandjahr” focuses on dialogue, exchange, and cooperation between people and cultures, with the aim of establishing and expanding networks. It is intended to demonstrate the areas in which Germany and the host country complement one another as partners and can work towards resolving important future tasks.

The campaign aims to convey a multifaceted image of Germany in the host countries. All areas relevant to society – from culture, business and industry, science, education, civil society, to sports – should be considered. Special visibility should be achieved by consolidating activities and stakeholders and through effective, high-profile formats and targeted media-related efforts.

Germany and the United States are bound by a centuries-long common history. German immigrants have helped shape the development of the United States, while the successful development of post-war Germany is inextricably linked to US engagement. The Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19 campaign builds on this success story and aims to intensify the transatlantic dialogue.

In addition, this exchange aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: Make modern-day Germany accessible on an emotional level
  • Objective 2: Emphasize similarities between the two countries and existing structures of cooperation
  • Objective 3: Develop and reach out to new target groups nationwide
  • Objective 4: Expand partnerships in order to resolve future global issues

The Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19 campaign should be broad-based and, among other things, should reach the following groups:

  • Decision-makers and important, established, and potential partners in civil society, politics, business and industry, culture, media, science, and education
  • People with no previous knowledge of Germany, people away from the major urban centers along the coasts, and people living in the American heartland and suburbs
  • Young people (well-connected youth, students, young professionals, and those in the media)
  • Americans with German roots or close ties to Germany

To appeal to these target groups, the campaign will focus on the following formats:

  • Location-specific formats firmly established in a variety of cities to connect with existing networks and build new ones
  • Formats involving tours such as roadshows with a mobile stage and pop-up elements that are also able to reach target groups beyond large cities
  • Digital and media-related formats: online, social media, and traditional media as key components

The themes of the Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19 should, in principle, be aligned with the context and the interests of the target groups in the United States. Wherever possible, themes should be developed and drawn up with American partners. Even though we remain open to additional themes, the following thematic threads appear most promising at this stage:

  • Thread 1: Freedom, diversity, and leadership
  • Thread 2: Digitization, innovation, and the future of work
  • Thread 3: Energy, climate, and sustainability
  • Thread 4: Research, science, and education
  • Thread 5: German heritage and German language
  • Thread 6: Culture and lifestyle

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